Our story

Taking away limits

As a passionate and specialist team we work hard on our mission to extend and optimize virtual reality in dental training. Still learning new things every day, we really enjoy what we do and we enjoy working with dental schools all around the world. We strongly believe in personal contact to keep growing the Simodont and its possibilities, making education better and life easier for teachers, students and their future patients.

Our technology

In dental education

Simodont uses similar high-end technology as also used in multi-million dollar flight simulators, used by professional pilots for flight training. The feeling of the control column used to fly an aircraft must be exactly reproduced in these simulators. This requires a sophisticated system of force sensors, control electronics, computers, software and precision mechanisms.

Meet the team

The Simodont team

Let us help you to take away limits in dental education.

Meet the team

Proud of the worldwide usage
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