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“Taking away limits in dental education.”

Our technology

Simodont uses similar high-end technology as also used in multi-million dollar flight simulators, used by professional pilots for flight training. The feeling of the control column used to fly an aircraft must be exactly reproduced in these simulators. This requires a sophisticated system of force sensors, control electronics, computers, software and precision mechanisms. Dental students now have access to exactly that same technology. Custom design- and manufacturing know-how and technology application experience has all been incorporated into Simodont.
Advanced software is used to display 3D objects, to simulate material removal, and to ensure a high level of physical and haptic realism.

And the great thing is, dental schools are now using this digital technology in ways that we could never have foreseen. To us this shows the value of pursuing high-quality. But above all it shows us that cooperation with schools is vital in getting the best into Simodont… and education.

Our technology is protected by several patents, registered designs, patents pending and copyrights.

Our technology partners

We work closely with Surgical Science in Sweden, the world market leader in 3D medical simulation software. The medical simulation platform of SenseGraphics creates realistic physical behavior, photo realistic anatomical 3D structures created from real patient data and immersive haptic feedback.

Furthermore we work with global specialists in areas such as high precision sensors and motors.

With dental technology companies and universities we work on a range of topics such as tuning of the exact feel of instruments, implementation of new procedures, file sharing and work flow optimization.

Together with the specialists of Nissin, we work on ways to connect and align Simodont even better with more traditional dental training methods and equipment.

Our story

Taking away limits

As a passionate and specialist team we work hard on our mission to extend and optimize virtual reality in dental training. We want to offer students, teachers and dental schools a platform for better, safer and more productive dental training.