Simple and complex caries cases are available for preparation, offering students real life caries cases.

Cariology preparations

Cariology preparations can be practiced on a large range of 3D models made from high-resolution micro-CT scans of extracted teeth. These models contain the different dental tissues (enamel, dentine, pulp, caries, amalgam, composite) and the anatomy of the scanned tooth and the tissue boundaries are exactly rendered.

The available caries cases range from mild to extreme and are suitable for either standard preps or minimal invasive preps.

By experiencing real world anatomy and pathology students can understand and train for the challenges that caries cases may provide.

Over 80 different burs and hand instruments are available.
A dental mirror is available for indirect vision training.
Theory and practice can be combined by adding patient records and Questions & Answers. These are easily added and edited by the teacher.
Students can make treatment plans prior to starting the preparation. Both the teacher and student can later compare the plan with the actual prep that was made.
Self-assessment rubrics are available to help students reflect on their work.
The tooth or jaw is positioned the same as the actual orientation in a patient’s mouth. The teacher can enable/disable/limit the tooth repositioning by students using the space mouse.
A wide range of pre-programmed cases is available.
New exercises can be created or edited with an easy template system.
Teachers can remotely view multiple students at once during practice, with a clear and unobstructed view.
Teachers can evaluate and grade students’ work from their own desktop once the students have submitted their work.
Students can read the teacher’s feedback and grading on the Simodont touch screen.


Support from Simodont

We understand that with any advanced technology it is great if someone is available to help you out with questions or to guide you every now and then.

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