Endodontic preparation training on the Simodont

Endodontic preparations

Endodontic access cavity preparations can be practiced on a range of 3D models made from high-resolution micro-CT scans of extracted teeth.

Schools use these to let students experience real world anatomy of teeth and to offer them training hours prior to working on expensive plastic endodontic models in the pre-clinic. Practice opportunities are now plentiful even if natural teeth are in short supply. Teachers can remotely observe students cutting their preparations with a clear and unobstructed view of the tooth and hand piece, increasing insight and understanding of their students’ skills.

All models contain the different dental tissues (enamel, dentine, pulp, caries, amalgam, composite) and the anatomy of the scanned tooth and the tissue boundaries are precisely simulated. When making the preparation the drop into the pulp chamber can be clearly felt.

Teeth can be viewed in semi-transparent mode, so that students get a better understanding of the tooth anatomy and the positioning of the access cavity.
The endodontic models have been carefully scanned and selected to provide accurate pulp chamber and pulp floor detailing.
Dedicated endodontic longneck burs and safe-end burs are available.
A dental mirror is available for indirect vision training.
Self-assessment rubrics are available to students to help reflect on their work.
The tooth or jaw is positioned the same as the actual orientation in a patient’s mouth. The teacher can enable/disable/limit the tooth repositioning by students using the space mouse.
New exercises can be created or edited with an easy template system.
Teachers can remotely view multiple students at work with a clear and unobstructed view of the tooth and handpiece.
Teachers can evaluate and grade students’ work once the students have submitted their work.
Students can read the teacher’s feedback on the Simodont touch screen.


Support from Simodont

We understand that with any advanced technology it is great if someone is available to help you out with questions or to guide you every now and then.

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