The Simodont dental trainer is a robust and reliable simulation device. The unit incorporates 10 years of usage experience at dental schools around the world and can withstand years of intensive use by students.

Under the skin of Simodont sophisticated technology and hardware is used to achieve high precision simulation and force feedback (haptics).

Any number of Simodont units can be connected to a central Server and Teacher Station PC via a closed network. External internet connection is not required, however internet access can safely be enabled by schools for remote support, diagnostics, software updates, etc.

The high resolution 3D display is co-located with the dental handpiece. This way students can develop accurate psychomotor skills and train correct posture.
The dental handpiece provides highly precise force feedback. The feeling is crisp and detailed. Different dental tissues and different burs can be clearly distinguished while working.
A dental mirror is available for indirect vision training. The mirror is held in the opposite hand and is simulated in real-time in the 3D display.
The system is designed with ergonomics and posture training in mind. It is suitable for right and left handed users.
The height of the system can be adjusted for a comfortable working position.
Adjustable finger rests are available for proper hand and wrist position training (patent pending).
The 3D display uses passive polarized glasses (or clip-on’s) that are comfortable to wear and do not cause fatigue. They are also inexpensive to replace.
The resolution of the 3D display is such that dental loupes can be used.

The student navigates through the exercises with a large touch screen. This interface is used to select cases, create treatment plans, select instruments, answer questions, read teacher feedback and more.

Simodont works immediately. There is no need to set up a work station, install and replace practice objects, and clean up afterwards.

Students can log in with their individual username and password on any Simodont unit in the school. Fast login with an RFID card is also possible.

Convenient. The system only requires 110-230V to operate (all local plugs available). No other utilities such as water, air, drainage and waste disposal are required.


Support from Simodont

We understand that with any advanced technology it is great if someone is available to help you out with questions or to guide you every now and then.

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