Manual Dexterity Training on the Simodont – Teaser video

Manual Dexterity Training

Beginning students can train basic and more advanced manual dexterity skills on a large range of objects. In these exercises the goal is to remove a target volume, while removing as little as possible from the surrounding leeway (safety margin).

Simodont works immediately. There is no need to set up a workstation, install and replace practice objects and clean up afterwards. This means students can get much training done with little lost time. Students can work independently and safely without teacher supervision. Assessment of work is automatic, freeing up time for teachers and students.

Research shows that skills learned on Simodont are carried over into the real life accomplishments, making Simodont a very effective training tool.

The available exercises range from easy to difficult.
Exercises for indirect vision training require use of a moving dental mirror that is also simulated. There is no cheating – the mirror must be used.
The drill statistics (e.g. different volumes removed) are presented in real-time so that immediate feedback is shown and used for automatic evaluation.
Teachers can view the work in real-time from their desktop and can view and grade the finished work after completion.
New exercises can be created or edited with an easy template system using a variety of blocks and difficulties available.


Support from Simodont

We understand that with any advanced technology it is great if someone is available to help you out with questions or to guide you every now and then.

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