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Dental educators launch a global VR-Haptic Thinkers consortium

Dental schools should consider incorporating haptic VR simulation devices

Effectiveness of simulation training and learning in first-year Doctor of Dental Surgery students

Simodont at NIMDTA

Simodont at Asahi University

Simodont at University de Lorraine

Simodont at University Bialystok

LMU admissions bootcamp

Simodont course introduction, Class of 2024 | Simodont Dental Trainer

Simodont course introduction, Class of 2025 | Simodont Dental Trainer

Simodont at University Bialystok

Universidad Europea – Smart Lab Valencia

Simodont at Odessa University


Simodont at QMUL –
Haptics @ Institute of Dentistry – Promo 2022

Webinar with guest speaker Dr. Callan – Simodont integration in the curriculum

Simodont at UNICAMP – Simodont MOOG

Finland’s first Simodont dental trainers at UEF combines 3D visuals with haptic feedback

VR-haptic training offers new opportunities for dental education


Haptic simulation for dentists coming soon at Medical University of Lublin

Interview with Koji Yokoe – The Worldfolio

Universidad Europea – Smart Dental Laboratory

Simodont Dental Trainer: User Guidelines | ACTA

11-13 preparation Demo | Simodont Dental Trainer

#36 open proximal contact demo | Simodont Dental Trainer

#36 Occlusal reduction demo | Simodont Dental Trainer

#36 Chamfer margin preparation demo | Simodont Dental Trainer

“Taking away limits in dental education.”