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ADEE 2023: New features and Simodont User Meeting

19 September 2023

The Simodont team presented exiting new features for Simodont during the ADEE 2023. A new implant procedure will enable students to cut holes for implants. The procedure can be trained with or without the help of drill guides. A range of special burs is available for step-by-step cutting of the correct implant hole. Different bone densities can be experienced and the haptic feeling of the procedure has been fine-tuned with experts from the field.

Another new feature is full-jaw full-color scan import, with a much simplified workflow, so that students can easily refine their cutting skills on color scans of individual patients.

Both features will be included the the coming software release, version 4.18.

A model creation tool was presented that allows 1-click conversion of CBCT scans (.dicom files) into Simodont compatible models. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tool works for high-res scans of individual extracted teeth but also for lower resolution full-patient CT scans. The tool automatically recognizes teeth and segments the scan into enamel, dentine and pulp.

For Simodont users that attended ADEE 2023 a User Meeting was held to share experiences and learn from each other. Three guest speakers presented their perspective: Dr. Szabolcs Felszeghy of the University of Eastern Finland presented findings of positive student feedback on the use of Simodonts, Dr. Nicola Shanks of the Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency presented applications of Simodont for post-graduate education, and Mr. Job Oyebisi presented research into AI tooth model creation at Queen Mary University London.


“Taking away limits in dental education.”

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