New software release 4.14 now available!

18 October 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of Simodont software version 4.14! The key features and improvements of this release are:

  • Bridge procedure
  • Improved patient scan workflow
  • Improved snapshots menu
  • Improved curriculum planner
  • Improved reporting layout
  • New visibility options for evaluation
  • Many small usability improvements

Please contact Nissin for further details.

A wide variety of bridge cases is now possible using typodont and natural teeth models, as well as importing bridge cased from intra oral scans.

The much easier patient scan workflow allows for faster results.

​Support for scans up to one quadrant fully drillable allows for more flexibility in real patient based cases.

Bigger and better images of snapshots allow for faster identification and continuation of work.

Improved course planner allows for shorter courses and provides better overview.

New visibility options for the teacher, allow for better evaluation of student preparations.

Improved reporting layout allows for quicker assessment.

​Easy switching of language makes it easy to create multi-language cases.

A new series of rotary instruments in the electrical red hand piece allow for even better control and creating smooth preparations.

“Taking away limits in dental education.”



Product Owner Simodont Courseware

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