Healthy and diseased natural PED teeth are available. Tooth models are made from high-resolution micro-CT scans of extracted teeth.

Pediatric preparations

PED (pedo) preparations such as pulpotomies can be practiced on primary dentition models, which are available in 2 types. Models are available that are based on high resolution CT scans which offers practice opportunities with insight into real life anatomy of these teeth.

Furthermore a full set of Nissin PED teeth is available for practice on Simodont. This virtual Nissin model is very helpful for initial training prior to moving on to practicing on plastic models in the pre-clinic.

In terms of software functionality this procedure is very similar to the endodontic access prep procedure.

The pulp chamber and root canals openings are accurately modelled.
Teeth can be viewed in semi-transparent mode, so that students get a better understanding of the tooth anatomy and shape of the preparation.
A full set of the plastic Nissin PED teeth (model number PDI2001) is available for practice on Simodont.
The tooth or jaw is positioned the same as the actual orientation in a patient’s mouth. The teacher can enable/disable/limit the tooth repositioning by students using the space mouse.
New exercises can be created or edited with an easy template system.
Teachers can remotely view multiple students at work with a clear and unobstructed view of the tooth and handpiece.
Teachers can evaluate and grade students’ work once the students have submitted their work.
Students can read the teacher’s feedback on the Simodont touch screen.


Support from Simodont

We understand that with any advanced technology it is great if someone is available to help you out with questions or to guide you every now and then.

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