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The Simodont dental trainer equipment

Simodont is a virtual reality dental trainer. Students can practice a range of dental preparations, using a real dental handpiece with a highly realistic force feedback.
Teeth or a jaw are shown on a high resolution 3D display. Even a virtual dental mirror is available for indirect vision preps.
The ergonomics of Simodont represent those of daily dental practice, with fully adjustable height, training object orientation and adjustable finger rests.

  1. Touch screen
  2. High resolution 3D display
  3. Dental handpiece with force feedback
  4. Dental mirror
  5. Hand rest with adjustable finger rests
  6. Space mouse
  7. Height adjustment button
  8. Variable speed pedal


Cariology preparations

Cariology preparations can be practiced on a large range of 3D models made from high-resolution micro-CT scans of extracted teeth

Crown and Bridge preparations

Many schools use Simodont to offer students crown and bridge training hours before moving on to practice on plastic teeth in the pre-clinic.

Dental anatomy

In the Dental Anatomy module students can familiarize themselves with tooth anatomy. A range of models is available for identification.

Endodontic preparations

Endodontic access cavity preparations can be practiced on 3D models made from high-resolution micro-CT scans of extracted teeth.

Manual dexterity training

In these exercises the goal is to remove a target volume, while removing as little as possible from the surrounding leeway (safety margin).

Patient specific preparations

With Simodont students can practice crown and bridge preparations for a specific patient prior to treating that patient in the clinic.

Pediatric preparations

Pediatric preparations such as pulpotomies can be practiced on primary dentition models made from high-resolution CT scans.

Teacher software

Software for teachers

The teacher software is used for all teacher responsibilities: adding users, scheduling classes, editing/creating exercises, reviewing completed work, reporting, etc.


Support from Simodont

We understand that with any advanced technology it is great if someone is available to help you out with questions or to guide you every now and then.

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"Promethean Dental Systems has devised an entire curriculum centered around the inclusion of the Simodont Dental Trainer. We believe that the Simodont Dental Trainer represents a major paradigm shift in dental education. The ability to provide the student with self-instructional exercises specifically designed for each segment of the dental life cycle is something that was previously unobtainable. The life-like touch and feel of the handpiece combined with the excellent visual presentation is unsurpassed in the industry."

“The Simodont team has been very helpful in supporting the development of our haptic teaching material on the Simodont trainers. Our students gain validated simulated clinical experience far earlier in the course than was previously possible and they love the exercises. The possibilities for exploiting the high haptics for a variety of clinical simulations in the future are very exciting.”

Dr. A Keelings - University of Leeds

“By tracking drill time and net score for repeated manual dexterity exercises, we were able to show evidence that practicing hand skills improves performance. Our first year students were able to practice indirect vision earlier than ever in de curriculum. Neither of these would have been practical without Simodont.”

DDS. T.J. Greany - University of Colorado