Testimonial from Promethean Dental Systems by Dr. Callan

15 June 2021

“Promethean Dental Systems has devised an entire curriculum centered around the inclusion of the Simodont Dental Trainer. We believe that the Simodont Dental Trainer represents a major paradigm shift in dental education. The ability to provide the student with self-instructional exercises specifically designed for each segment of the dental life cycle is something that was previously unobtainable. The life-like touch and feel of the handpiece combined with the excellent visual presentation is unsurpassed in the industry.

Each exercise provides immediate, objective feedback to the student, allowing for more rapid improvement of hand-skills and thus an earlier introduction to clinical dentistry. Not only is this helpful to the student, it also provides the opportunity for the instructor to concentrate more on teaching and less on grading.

We are all aware of the fact that any technology is only as good as the individuals providing the support for it. The Simodont Team from Nissin, as well as the owners and staff of Kilgore International have provided the highest level of support that we have experienced in our entire professional careers. They are timely and courteous, and eager to entertain any suggestions that may help to improve and advance their product. It is professionally rewarding to be part of the advancement of dental education, and it is exciting to envision just where this might lead in the future.”

Richard S. Callan, DMD, EdS. EdD
Promethean Dental Systems

“Taking away limits in dental education.”

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