Simodont software V4.18 release

06 March 2024

We are proud to present the newest Simodont software: V4.18.

This software version is applicable to all Simodont V3 units. Innovations focus on a new procedure, increased performance and improved user friendliness.

 Key features of this new software release:

  • Implantology – 9 implant cases based on the Nissin IMP5003 model, positions 45, 46, 47 have been added for this new procedure. 3 Levels of cases provide a variation of guided and free-hand implantology drilling, both with and without the assistance of virtual tools,
  • Support for patient scans in color (PLY) – In addition to the support for patient scans without color (STL), the v4.18 release introduces the support for patient scans containing color information,
  • Cropping scans directly in the  Simodont Courseware – the selection of the so called ‘region of interest’ is done as part of the workflow which makes working with patient scans much easier and faster,

  • Mirror turning black – the mirror surface turns black when the drill touches the mirror. Preventing to cheat by preparing a tooth using the drill through the mirror,

  • PRO700 tongue added – a haptic tongue was added to the PRO700 model,  possible to move the tongue with the mirror for better access to the teeth,

  • A range of user friendliness improvements for teachers and students.

“Taking away limits in dental education.”

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