Teacher software

The teacher software is used for all teacher responsibilities: adding users, scheduling classes, editing/creating exercises, reviewing completed work, reporting, etc.

Years of experience and feedback have resulted in a very complete teacher software suite that can be used for all steps of teaching. Many features have been included to make the system practical and really complete, either for training exercises or testing exercises. We are working with schools to ensure that the teacher workflow remains simple, even with growing possibilities.

The teacher software is used on the Teacher Station PC which is typically located in the classroom. The Teacher Station does not have to be switched on in order for the Simodont units to work, so students can use Simodont even without the teacher being present.

Users can be easily added and managed, and complete groups of students can be uploaded with an Excel file.
Courses with different exercises can be defined and planned in time, with a simple drag and drop system. These courses are then assigned to groups of students.
New exercises can be created or edited with an easy template system. A range of options is available for tailoring exercises to your needs.
Exercises (cases) can be exported and imported and shared via email with users around the world.
Teachers can remotely view multiple students in parallel while they are at work in real life.
Remote viewing can also be done using a projector. This is often used to share lessons or attention points with the class.
Completed work from students can be evaluated and graded.
The teacher feedback can then be shared with the student on the Simodont touch panel.
Reports can be generated, and data can be exported in a .CSV file format, ready for further processing.
All data is stored on a powerful Server that can be located in a safe room.


Support from Simodont

We understand that with any advanced technology it is great if someone is available to help you out with questions or to guide you every now and then.

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